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Our Values

Our Values

The Bostik Way

Company Values

As part of Total, Bostik has embraced the group ethical shared values and principles that motivate and guide our day to day undertakings. Our ethical commitment is based on three core values :

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Exemplary behaviour

For these ethical values to have a meaningful impact, they have to be expressed through a certain number of business principles applied to our sphere of activity that

  • Uphold human rights.
  • Has ongoing concern with safety and environmental protection
  • Has respect of everyone we work with.
  • Has integrity towards the company and its business relationships.
  • Has no interference in political processes.
  • Has support of our colleagues, host communities and business partners. 

Quality Values

Bostik embraces a philosophy of total quality, committed to satisfying customer requirements and maintain the highest practicable standards. We offer the best possible customer focus through the goods we produce, the technical support, customer service and dedicated marketing and sales team within our three pillars of business.  Most countries are totally certified ISO 9001/2000 and certain countries are certified ISO 14001 to ensure optimum organisation in production sites as well as in the headquarters.

We monitor key performance indicators at all levels throughout the organisation.

  • Understand our processes and design and develop new processes in line with quality improvement opportunities.
  • Work closely with sub contractors and suppliers to ensure they understand our policies and recognise quality improvement opportunities.
  • Measurable objectives are established throughout the Bostik business ensuring alignment of everyone's effort to match company objectives.
  • Our heritage is the trade so our products are compliant to Australian and OH&S standards. 
  • Keep at the forefront of new and innovative technologies that are environmentally friendly and in line with changing regulations
  • Bostik ensures that all our people understand how they can influence quality improvement and that they are properly trained on an ongoing basis.

 The quality management system is examined through an annual audit plan. Results from internal audits are reviewed alongside audits from our key customers as a continuous improvement tool.